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Signs and Logos

Check out how creative so many businesses and home owners have been with their signage and logo renderings! Do you have a rec room, bar, tournament, business, product or other part of your life that desperately NEEDS signage in wood?

These are each unique and the costs vary with each one, with detail, size, type of wood, as well as finishes for interior/exterior.

Please contact Cheryl directly to discuss your idea!

* Click on image to see large version. *

"Mike's Cigar Lounge"


"Betty Boop"

"Cheap Eats Toronto"

"Betty Boop - Bar"

"The McKimmie's"

"Outer Strength - Inner Peace"


"Beer for Breakfast"

"Al's Bar"

"The Marriots"

"The Spa"

"The Frasers"

"The Carpenters"

"Fruit & Vegetables"

"The Shrine"

"Bakery Sign"

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