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How To Order

To order work from inventory:

Simply click the "Email Purchase Request" button located below each
inventory item to instantly generate an e-mail to Knotty Girl Woodcrafts.
Before hitting "send", please include your name, e-mail address, telephone
number and shipping address. An invoice, including a description of your
purchase, and full payment details with shipping and taxes, will be sent to
you. Payment will be accepted by PayPal, cheque or money order and must be
received before your order is shipped.

To order custom work:
  1. Contact Cheryl by e-mail ( and describe the custom work you would like completed.
  2. If your work involves a photograph (i.e. of a family member, pet or your favourite celebrity), please include two to three photos of the potential portrait. Indicate your first, second and third choices of photo that you would like reproduced in wood. See "Photo Quality" for more information.
  3. Cheryl will review your request and contact you with any questions she may have.
  4. Once all questions are clarified, Cheryl will have a better understanding of the design process involved with your request and will be able to provide you with a quote as well as a time estimate based on other orders currently underway. Details regarding cost and timing of shipping will be communicated at this time as well.
  5. A 50% deposit, based on the full cost of the order (work, shipping and taxes) for all online orders is required. Once received, via PayPal, cheque or money order, work can be scheduled to begin.
  6. You will receive an e-mail with a photograph of your completed work once it is finished. Cheryl needs to receive a response to this e-mail along with the final payment for work to be shipped.
  7. Once final payment is received, your work will be shipped as previously agreed.

This order process for custom work is non-negotiable.
All prices quoted are in Canadian funds.


Cheryl needs four to six weeks to complete custom work, but could require more depending on the volume of current orders being completed.

During the Christmas season, clients are respectfully requested to submit any orders on or before October 15 to have a reasonable chance of having this work completed in time for Santa to deliver!


Not every photograph can be reproduced in wood. Photos that are too dark, too shadowy or with only a partial view of a face ... these are all factors that would make a photo difficult or impossible to reproduce in a manner that a client would be happy with.

A "perfect" candidate photo would:
• Be well lit
• Have all the faces clearly visible in the frame
• Be large enough (i.e. not wallet sized, not a thumbnail, and not a Polaroid)

A "preferred" photo would:
• Be originally taken digitally, not scanned. Scanned photos can be rendered but are often more difficult.
• Be a studio portrait rather than a candid photo.

An "un-usable" photo would:
• Be too small (wallet-sized, a thumbnail or a Polaroid)
• Be too blurry, dark or low-contrast
• An archived, antique or aged photo with low-quality detail
• Be a photo of hand-drawn art or a sketch

The higher quality photo you can provide,
the better the final design and rendering will be.

* Knotty Girl reserves the right to decline any custom work on the basis of photo quality or unsuitable content.

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