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Cheryl has been crafting unique and striking work out of wood for more than eight years, as a labour of love. Her adoration for all things wood began when, as a child, she watched her father create grandfather clocks from elegant and exotics woods.

The wide assortment of wood grains, their responses to various treatments, cuts and stains, and the "glow" that wood offers when incorporated into finely crafted pieces - these elements have all worked their magic on Cheryl. She became enchanted by the world of options that the scroll saw offers when she attended a wood-working show in 2001 and subsequently took a day course at Lee Valley Tools.

There was no looking back. Her workshop now boasts three different types of scroll saws, a drill press, several routers, an assortment of finishing tools ... and piles and piles of sawdust. Cheryl is happiest when finishing a custom design for a client, knowing that her one-of-a-kind offering will satisfy a need for beauty in wood-grained earth tones that so many others share.

"I had the opportunity to view Cheryl's work for the first time in Orillia and I could not believe how beautiful her art was. The likeness to any person or animal was perfect. I was drawn to two amazing portraits of artists I adore; Elvis and the Beatles.
I have since purchased another Elvis portrait as a gift for a friend along with two other portraits specifically commissioned by me for my family. Anyone who sees Cheryl's work is instantly impressed. If you are looking for artwork with a distinctive difference discover what Knotty Girl Woodcrafts has to offer."
- Carol Duffy



The process of creating a unique and new work from a piece of beautiful wood begins with design. Cheryl uses Coyote software to aid in the transformation of photographs into silhouette images suitable for portraits or other types of rendering with her talented hands and trusty scroll saw.


Each scroll saw artist has their own unique style and their own particular standards. In Cheryl's case, she has adopted the rule that each custom-designed piece should emerge from one solid piece of wood, with no pieces placed or glued in. Thus, when you receive a custom portrait from Cheryl, you will be looking at an image that has been cut from one single, unbroken, piece of wood. There are no pieces inserted for additional detail.

Raw Materials Selection:

Each piece of wood holds different possibilities. Once the design process is completed to her satisfaction, Cheryl examines available stock for the perfect piece to begin executing the design.


The design is transferred to the selected piece by either tracing or by using a spray adhesive. Cutting begins with the first pilot hole. There can be just one pilot hole, or hundreds, depending on the demands of the design. The pilot hole allows the blade to be threaded into the wood to begin the actual cutting process.


Cheryl guides the wood through the scroll saw by hand, with as much art as skill, to complete the cuts the design requires. While cutting custom portraits and other images, Cheryl takes particular care to render the design within the single, unbroken piece of wood - often more challenging than one might expect. No pieces are glued in, ever, to complete such work. Soon, a new image begins to surface from the previously unaltered wood.


Finishing always involves sanding both the surfaces and the fresh cuts. Depending on the type of work being produced, the new piece may also require a routered edge, stain or mineral oil protection.

Final Finish:

The final steps often involve applying an appropriate backing and frame to a piece prior to delivery. In the case of ornaments and jewellery, the final finish involves threading an appropriate piece of line, leather thong or other such material to allow the piece to suspend freely.

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